Q: Is there another way for coaches to keep updated other than the website?

A: Coaches receive updates through emails.  If you are not receiving these and would like to be included, please contact Lee Huenecke, Elite Meet Coordinator, at lhuenecke01@hamline.edu .  Although we try to keep school’s coaches list updated, it is each school’s responsibility to notify meet management of changes.

Q: Who can enter the Elite Meet?

A: All high school track athletes in Minnesota are eligible to enter the meet (although the unique meet format does limit participation based on performance).

Q: Who is selected to compete in the Elite Meet?

A: For Friday’s competition, we limit the field size to the top individuals and relays from the entries submitted to compete against one another.

Field Sizes: 
We want to allow as many great athletes into the meet while still keeping the concept of the meet in place, and keep the meet spectator friendly.  Below are the approximate field sizes.  Events with an ‘*’ allow for meet management to shift field sizes depending on the closeness of the entered times.  If an event is very close, we will try to get the athlete or relay into the meet if the event will allow it safely. If a tie-breaker is needed, we will contact coaches for a ‘second best performance’ entry.

Field Sizes:
100m – 18

200m – 9
400m – 9
800m – 9-12*
1600m – 12-16*
3200m – 12-16*
100mH(G) – 9/110mH(B) – 9
300mH – 9
LJ – 12
TJ – 12
HJ – 9 plus ties
PV – 9 plus ties
SP – 12
DT – 12
4×100 – 9
4×200 – 9
4×400 – 9
4×800 – 12*

Q: Do indoor times count towards entry?


Q: What are the standards in each event to get into the meet?

A: There are no set standards, we simply take a limited field size and the top marks compete.

Q: Can I see where an athlete currently ranks?

A: NO.  The rankings will be posted after the entry deadline.

Q: Can I enter a mark from last year/season?

A: NO.  All marks have to be from the 2018 season.

Q: If the weather prevents many schools from getting outdoor performances before the entry deadline, what is the procedure?

A: Meet management will notify the coaches as soon as a decision is made via emails.  This is why it is important to have an updated email address for coaches.

Q: Does the meet count against the meet total for my team?

A: The MSHSL says yes. It counts as one meet. Athletes are limited to competing in a max of 4 events.

Q: Do I enter in hand-held or FAT or convert it myself?

A: If your time is in HH, please enter it to the tenth only.  If it is FAT, then enter to the hundreth.  We’ll convert the HH up .24.  Do NOT do this yourself.

Q: Do I need two times from two different meets to be considered?

A: NO.  A second meet/second performance is only needed upon request for tie-breakers.

Q: Can an athlete do more than one event?

A: YES.  Keep in mind though, that we will stick to the MEET SCHEDULE as written.  The meet WILL run on time.  This includes field events.  Athletes will jump/throw in order and will have 1-minute to make their attempt.  If they are not present, they will scratch that attempt.  All athletes in the jumps and throws will receive all 6 attempts on Friday.

Athletes are limited to competing in a max of 4 events (3 field & 1 running; 2 field & 2 running; 1 field and 3 running). An athlete may do no more than 2 running events of 800 meters or longer.

Q: Where do I send my entry?  Who do I pay my entry fee to?

A: Please click on the ‘Elite Meet Entries’ tab located under the ‘Elite Meet’ button on the menu bar.  You can pay your entry fee in cash or check (to ‘Hamline University’) at the check-in table the night of the meet.

Q: Where can I get results?

A: Live results will be available on the new Velaasa app for your smartphone. Visit www.velaasa.com to get the app.

Q: Can I convert a time?

A: The only conversion allowed is from 1600m to 3200m.  If you would like to convert a time, please email Paul Schmaedeke at pschmaedeke@hamline.edu and he will convert it for you.

Q: Can non-coaches be added to the email messages coaches receive?

A: NO. Parents/guardians, athletes, and spectators need to communicate and get the information for the Hamline Elite Meet through the coach of their school.

Q: Who do I contact for other questions about the Elite Meet?

A: If you have additional questions concerning the Elite Meet, please contact Paul Schmaedeke, Elite Meet Director, at pschmaedeke@hamline.edu.