The Hamline Elite Meet staff is excited to announce its partnership with Velaasa, who will serve as the mobile communication hub for the 2018 Hamline Elite Meet. Download the app to your smart phone below and check out more information at www.velaasa.com.







All high school track athletes in Minnesota are eligible to enter the meet (although the unique meet format does limit participation based on performance).

You can check out the FAQ page (HERE) and the ENTRY RULES & FEES section below for more information on entries.


Monday, April 2 – Entries are open

Tuesday, April 24, 11:59 pm – ALL ENTRIES DUE
Submit entries online through Wayzata Results by 11:59 pm. No exceptions. See online entry process in section below for more information on how to submit entries.

Wednesday, April 25, 1 pm-11:59pm – COACHES REVIEW PERIOD 
Preliminary list of athletes and relays in meet emailed out and posted online by 1:00pm Wednesday for review by coaches for accuracy and declaration. Coaches are to review and send corrections or scratches by midnight on Wednesday, April 24.  

Thursday, April 26, 1 pm: WHO’S IN FRIDAY’S MEET
Final List of athletes and relays accepted into the meet for Friday emailed out and posted online by 1:00pm.

Friday, April 27: Hamline Elite Meet 


High School Instructions

Online entries will again be operated through Wayzata Results and that information is listed below but can also be found on the Velaasa app.

Wayzata Results has changed providers to Athletic.net.  All the information for coaches to register and enter their athletes can be found on this link:


We encourage you to register as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about registering and entering your athletes contact Josh Gerber at: entries@wayzataresults.com

Indoor marks are valid!  ENTRY MARKS IN ALL EVENTS MUST BE FROM THE 2018 SEASON. Please place the name of the meet the performance occurred in the comment box that is next to each entry.  You can make changes or scratches to entries after you have submitted them as long as you do not declare them.

Entries for the Hamline Elite meet are due by Tuesday, April 24 at 11:59 pm. A preliminary list of athletes and relays in the meet will be emailed out and posted online by 1:00 pm on Wednesday, April 25 for review by coaches for accuracy and declaration.

When submitting performances, please keep in mind the following:

  • For hand held times you need to add the “h”:  5:34.4h
  • If the time is FAT, then enter to the hundredth.

The only conversion allowed is from 1600 to 3200m.  If you would like to convert a 1600 time, please email Paul Schmaedeke at pschmaedeke@hamline.edu and he will convert it for you. When you receive the converted time back, it is your responsibility to enter that time on Wayzata Results.

More complete information on how to submit entries, entry deadlines, meet schedules, field sizes, etc. can be found on the Velaasa app or at our web site www.hamlinetrack.com .  Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read all the entry information at this link to prevent any entry errors.



Multi-Event Participation:

*  Same day doubles will be allowed. Please keep in mind the meet schedule when entering your athletes as the meet will run on time. Athletes are required to be at event check in 10 minutes prior to the event start time. Field events will start on time as well.  They will not wait for an athlete competing in another event. Field event athletes will be expected to jump or throw when their name is called. If they are not there in their allotted time they will be passed and lose that attempt. Please be mindful of the schedule when entering athletes that will be doing multiple events.

* Athletes are limited to competing in a max of 4 events (3 field & 1 running; 2 field & 2 running; 1 field and 3 running). An athlete may do no more than 2 running events of 800 meters or longer.

All events are finals. The only exception is the 100m, which has a prelim to cut the field to 9.  All jumps and throws events athletes will receive 6 attempts during Friday’s competition.

Entry fee: The entry fee is $20 per athlete or per relay team, capped at $120 per team (per gender). Each qualifying athlete will receive a FREE dri-fit t-shirt courtesy of NIKE. Payment will be required at check-in. Please make checks payable to Hamline University.  Fees cover meet management, meet workers, officials, timing system, etc.

Entry Criteria:
Entries for events must be based on actual meet performances in the 2017 season (indoor or outdoor). The name of athlete, event, time and meet where the mark was achieved will be requested during the submission process.

*  Special note regarding 1600m/3200m entry: Due to the challenging Minnesota weather we often have, we’ve decided to accept 1600 meter times to convert up to a 3200 meter. The entry can only be used once – for either the 1600 or 3200, not both. If you would like to use a converted entry for the 3200, please email Paul Schmaedeke at pschmaedeke@hamline.edu.  He will convert the 1600 time for you for the entry process.

DISHONEST ENTRIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  A three year ban will be placed on any program entering false times or ineligible athletes.

Coaching Admission:

1-5 Elite Meet athletes = 2 coaches free admittance

6-10 Elite Meet athletes = 3 coaches free admittance

11+ Elite Meet athletes = 4 coaches free admittance

General Admission:

Adults- $10.00

Students- $5.00


In the event of bad weather:  We will continue the meet regardless, with the exception of near-by lightning. If the meet is cancelled, the decision will be made as early as possible. A cancellation announcement will be posted on the website and an email notification will be sent out to email addresses received during entry process. If cancelled, the meet will not be rescheduled due to limited facility availability.

Field Sizes: 
We want to allow as many great athletes into the meet, while still keeping the concept of the meet in place, and keep the meet spectator friendly.  Below are the approximate field sizes.  Events with an ‘*’ allow for meet management to shift field sizes depending on the closeness of the entered times.  If an event is very close, we will try to get the athlete or relay into the meet if the event will allow it safely. If a tie-breaker is needed, we will contact coaches for a ‘second best performance’ entry.

Field Sizes:
100m – 18

200m – 9
400m – 9
800m – 9-12*
1600m – 12-16*
3200m – 12-16*
100mH(G) – 9/110mH(B) – 9
300mH – 9
LJ – 12
TJ – 12
HJ – 9 plus ties
PV – 9 plus ties
SP – 12
DT – 12
4×100 – 9
4×200 – 9
4×400 – 9
4×800 – 12*